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New at Glennie’s: caprese burrata

  • Published on 18 July, 2022

Did you know that burrata is simply mozzarella cheese, but filled with cream?

Burrata is Italian for buttery. Not a bad name for a cheese that is delicate on the outside and incredibly creamy on the inside! If you cut the soft ball in half, the cream will flow out of the ball. Isn’t this a dream of every cheese lover?

The cheese comes from the south of Italy and is a true delicacy from the Italian kitchen. Due to the addition of cream, both the taste and structure are a lot softer than regular mozzarella. In many cases buffer milk is used for this.

What is the difference between burrata, mozzarella and stracciatella?

Mozzarella is the basis for all 3 products. Mozzarella can be made from different types of milk, but the process is always the same. After the liquid of the milk has been separated from the solid part, the curd is kneaded into balls.

Stracciatella is fresh cream. Cream is the fat that comes from fresh milk and is therefore the most expensive product in the dairy industry. It is, among other things, the basis for fresh butter. This cream is mixed with small pieces of fresh mozzarella left over from making the fresh mozzarella. The result is stracciatella.

How is burrata made?

A ‘pocket’ of mozzarella is made. Because this is very flexible, it can easily be filled with a mixture of cream and mozzarella. Then the bag is buttoned up and voila… you have burrata!

At Glennie’s we also put a new dish with burrata on the menu this year: the caprese burrata. Have you already tasted this one?