Arthur en Esther Ross


The Dutch chef Arthur Ross runs together with his wife Esther Glennie’s Resto in the Austrian Niederau. In 2016 the restaurant opened its doors and since then there has been a sufficient number of visitors.

The 44-year-old Arthur and 45-year-old Esther feel completely at home in the restaurant business. They already have a decent hospitality career behind their name. “My wife worked for many years as a hostess at Brasserie De Boerderij in Arnhem and I myself did the hotel school and then worked as a chef at various (star) restaurants, of which Hotel Villa Ruimzicht in Doetinchem is the most recent. That was a lot of fun, but I was ready for something new. A different environment and a new challenge. Austria appealed to me anyway. My wife and daughter also liked an emigration to Austria. It is a considerable step to embark on such an adventure abroad, but we were well prepared. Above all, we had been building catering experience for many years, then you just do not have to face surprises so quickly “, says Arthur.

Arthur: “Of course we have many Dutch people as guests, but also English and Germans. I am very happy with the interest of the indigenous population. This indicates that you are accepted. We have also worked on and for this. We have put energy and passion into our business and regularly show our faces within the community. But even though we are fully integrating, we are and remain often the Hollander. What appeals to our guests is the good value for money of our dishes, in addition to the atmosphere and conviviality. Especially in the winter, but also in the summer and the intermediate seasons, there is plenty to do here and people can eat well. We are open almost all year round. Only in november we are closed.

“Glennie’s Resto is a concept conceived by Paul de Römph from Romex Investments, the son of Paul is called Glenn and has Down syndrome. Based on the idea of corporate social responsibility, Romex wants to operate catering businesses in winter sports areas, but also in the Netherlands, where young people with intellectual disabilities can work under professional guidance. Our restaurant is the first of the chain to be set up. We currently have no employees with a disability in service, but in time this will be the case. Glenn has helped here a few times, which was a great experience for everyone. Paul de Römph therefore owns the restaurant and we manage it. Paul de Römph therefore owns the restaurant and we manage it. We are so involved and embrace the concept in such a way that we feel absolutely owner. With Esther for the daily management and I in the kitchen. “