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Trainee Host

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    My name is Valentijn Hepkema. From early June to early January, I did an internship at Glennies, working in both the service and reception at Residenz Illyrica Tirol.

    Currently, I am studying at Rijn IJssel school in Wageningen. The internship was part of my second year of studies, and I am now in my final year.

    During my internship, I worked in both service and reception. Working in the service was incredibly enjoyable and straightforward; the training process was efficient. Although we had to work hard, there was always a lively atmosphere, and we shared many laughs. Reception shifts were typically on Saturdays when guests checked into the apartments. These were busy but enjoyable days.

    I had a fantastic time during my internship at Glennies. I still remember the day I arrived; I was warmly welcomed and immediately included in the group. We had many enjoyable outings, and eventually, it felt like one big group of friends. On our free Mondays, for instance, the entire staff would go swimming, which was about a 20-minute walk away.

    Looking back, my time at Glennies was incredible. I made many new friends and gained valuable experiences.


Trainee bar


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    Hi, my name is Hoang and I did an internship at Glennie’s in the last period from February to the end of May.

    I mainly worked behind the bar at Glennie’s Westendorf and I learned a lot here. Because you get a lot of freedom for your own development here, I especially learned the part: Hostmanship. How does this work and what should you do to distinguish yourself from other hosts and hostesses, so that guests come back especially for you. Furthermore, it is a very nice team and you are all 1 big family together. It is highly recommended to do an internship here!

Danique Mulder

Trainee Host


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    I’m Danique Mulder and I’m following the course Horeca Manager Entrepreneurship in Amersfoort at Leerhotel het Klooster. I was able to do / complete my final internship at Glennie’s and the apartment complexes Residenz Drachenstein and Residenz Illyrica.

    This is an experience not to forget! I had a great time and learned many new things about the company and myself. It was very hard work in the high season, but despite that it was fun every day!

    During my internship I spent many hours in the service of Glennie’s Niederau and Westendorf. In addition, I was at the reception for 1 to 2 days every weekend. This makes the work super varied, which is very positive for me. Throughout the course of my internship I was well supervised by Esther and I was given enough time to work on my school assignments, as this is also an important part.

    besides the hard work, I have also built up a good relationship with the Glennie’s Team. During the winter months we went skiing and when the weather was nice we had a barbecue with the whole team. Towards the end of my internship I also started to see them as family.

    All in all I had a great time, got to meet a lot of new people and learned a lot. It is highly recommended to do an internship at Glennie’s!


Trainee Host


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    My name is Demi and I did an internship at Glennie’s last pre- and high season.

    I study at the Rijn IJsel in Wageningen and am currently in the 3rd year of Manager / Entrepreneur Horeca.

    The period in which I did an internship at Glennie’s was a lot of fun and especially educational.

    Welcoming guests, served delicious dishes. And check in and check out guests at the reception. It was great fun to taste the hospitality atmosphere in Austria!

    The team was very close to each other and I met a lot of new and nice people that helped me a lot. I look back on a nice period in which I learned a lot from Esther and Arthur.

Ke Hendrixe

Trainee Host


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    My name is Ke and I am doing the training ‘Manager entrepreneur catering’ in Amersfoort.

    In recent months I did an internship at Glennie’s and Residenz Drachenstein. It was a super fun experience.

    I have experienced both the winter season and the summer season. I also had a lot of variety in work.

    I’ve been behind the reception desk, working in the restaurant, making Gin Tonics in the bar and much more!

    I was able to learn a lot from Esther and Arthur and was given the opportunity to improve my German language a lot.

    I had a very nice time with all the nice colleagues! Highly recommended!

Lucas Beukers

Trainee Host


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    My name is Lucas Beukers and I am following the training ‘Management and entrepreneurial hospitality’ in Bergen op Zoom. I completed my final internship in Austria at Glennie’s and the apartment complex Residenz Drachenstein.

    What a great experience that was! Even though we were still dealing with the Corona rules at the time and après-ski was not possible, I had a great time. From the moment I arrived to the day I left I had nothing but fun.

    During my internship I mainly worked in the Glennie’s restaurant and behind the reception at Residenz Drachenstein. I was able to learn a lot in both areas. For example, my languages ​​have improved a lot and I was able to learn a lot from Arthur and Esther in terms of personnel.

    Besides working, we also had fun things to do with Glennie’s team. We skied with the whole team and we had a great BBQ as a staff party!

    All in all I had a super fun but also educational internship!

Ties Broeders

Trainee cook


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    My name is Ties Broeders, I am 18 years old and I attend Astrum College in Velp. The internship I did at Glennies was great fun. I did an internship as a self-employed working cook. When I arrived I already had a kind of feeling of coming home. The staff is professional and pleasant at the same time.

    The kitchen internship at Glennies is really great. The alternation between free time and hard work is great, because it will of course be hard work, but he is also enjoyed time for skiing. In the high season there is of course less time for skiing, but once the season is over there is a lot of time for skiing.

    Even though corona threw soot in the food, I had a great time.

Joep Corstanje

Trainee Host


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    ”Hello, I’m Joep Corstanje, I’ve been doing an internship at Glennie’s resto since January. This ‘final’ internship is part of my Entrepreneurial Horeca Manager training that I am following at the Zoomvliet College in Bergen op Zoom.

    From the moment I came here I felt at home. I was well received by all the staff here. It felt like a family of sorts over time.

    The work was very varied. During this internship I worked a lot in the ministry, but also in the Ginbar, which was also super cool. As a result, I gained a lot of knowledge and learned new things. Later this internship I also worked in the kitchen. This was also a fun experience! During my internship I was also active behind the reception of Residenz Drachenstein.

    Besides working we also had enough free time to do fun things. The first few months we could ski a lot, the snow conditions were beautiful! Later we also went up the mountain, only with the mountain bike. We made a few trips to the Hahnekammrennen and the catering fair.

    During this internship I also got to know a lot of new people, and in the end you end up with good friendships.

    Overall a great time!”

Wessel van Noppen

Trainee cook


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    “Last year I did an internship at Glennie’s Resto in Tirol, Niederau, from February to the end of April. In the kitchen I stood side by side with former star chef Arthur Ross. The kitchen team is very small, which gave me a lot of time and attention. I also had the opportunity to try out new and beautiful dishes. He was able to convey Arthur’s passion well. In addition, I also occasionally worked in the service, together with Esther Ross, the manager of the restaurant. I have experienced Glennie’s Resto as a very nice training company with real catering people as internship supervisors. I still miss the mountains and skiing. I will definitely go back when I finish my education. I recommend it to everyone!”

Meral Berends

Trainee Hostess


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    ”The season is almost over for me, but it was so much fun!
    My name is Meral Berends and I am 19 years old. I did an internship at Glennie’s in Niederau for 4.5 months.

    We have had a wonderful winter season. The work is always fun, the team is fun together and the snow has been fantastic this season.

    The work is varied, every day is different. That also makes it extra fun! Many guests and moments here have certainly stayed with me and will remain so for a long time to come.

    When I arrived here it was immediately cozy, it felt like we were one big family! We always have fun together and we really enjoy doing things together, even outside of work.

    It was a great season, I would do it again in a heartbeat! An opportunity not to be missed!”