About us

Glennie’s Restaurant

We currently have two beautiful Glennie’s Restaurant locations in Austria. The first branch is located right in the center of Niederau – Wildschönau in the apartment complex Kristall Plaza. The second location is located in the apartment complex Residenz Illyrica Tirol right in the center of Westendorf, Austria.

We serve various types of dishes with a nod to the Netherlands. Think of grandma’s meatball, fresh (Dutch) fish and delicious croquettes on bread.

In addition, we serve both Austrian and Italian specialties. A Wiener schnitzel, Tiroler Gröstl, a delicious carpaccio or a real Italian pasta, but everything with a modern touch. We work with local suppliers for the best quality, which you can taste in the Mc Glennie’s burger, for example! There is a lot of choice and something for everyone.

Of course we also thought of the little ones. For example, they can choose from pancakes, spaghetti bolognese or a small Glennie’s schnitzel.

After a day of skiing or snowboarding in the winter of walking or cycling during the summer, you can relax in Glennie’s with a good glass of Austrian wine or a nice glass of Zipfer beer. We are happy to serve you one of the bitter garnishes with private label bitterballs.

We also have a beautiful Ginbar where you can enjoy the tastiest Gin Tonics. Of course we also serve other (alcoholic) drinks.

About us

Chef-kok & manager

Dutch chef Arthur Ross and his wife Esther run both locations of Glennie’s Restaurant in Austria.

Click here for their story.

Arthur and Esther are supported by the Dutch couple Marc (Chef) and Nicole. Click here for their story.

About us

Glennie’s Story

Paul & Carina de Römph (owners) proudly tell the background story of Glennie’s Restaurant

“My wife and I have a child with Down syndrome, called Glenn. He was born in 1994 and then your world is turned upside down. Fortunately, Glenn was healthy and he developed especially socially great into a balanced person.

For Glenn we already had 2 boys and after Glenn we also got 2 more girls. A complete family, in which Glenn is the center. He has absolutely enriched our lives and we receive a lot of love and pleasure from him. He is the common thread in our lives.

He just runs in the family, goes to work every day, occasionally he does a bit of fitness, goes out to restaurants and fun activities, he participates on wintersport and other holidays and is much on his iPad. He also loves football a lot and is especially fan of Feyenoord. Glenn regularly goes along with me and his brothers to the Kuip to support Feyenoord.

In society, a lot has changed in the last decades, also in relation to Down syndrome. Much more acceptance and possibilities. The guidance has become more intensive and much more professional, especially from the medical angle. We ourselves do not or hardly encounter negative reactions.

However, there is always the concern of my wife Carina and me about how it will go with him later. An ordinary child normally finds his or her way and with Glenn it is different. Independent living, caring for themselves and work remain a major concern and responsibility.

Over the years, the idea arose to create something for him ourselves, in which he can come into his own. This has resulted in the establishment of the restaurant chain GLENNIE’S. We proudly opened the first one in 2016 in Niederau – Wildschönau in Austria.

In December 2021 we have opened the second Glennie’s location in the center of Westendorf!

In the coming years a number of branches will be opened in Austria and certainly also one in the Netherlands, where Glenn will then work!